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Based on Sydney Harbour, Liquid Edge Sailing School offers courses from beginner “learn to sail” to advanced topics such as “docking and berthing” and “heavy weather sailing”. Our courses are modular in nature, they can be taken on their own or added together to form an International Yacht Training certificate, recognised by accredited sailing schools and charter companies around the world.

Learn to Sail on a Catamaran or Yacht – we have both, your choice. Both handle differently, so best to choose your preferred yacht style. If you intend to charter a yacht in Australia or overseas then look no further.

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Learn to Sail

Intro to Sailing ICC

Our Introduction to Sail course involves two days of sailing lessons on Sydney Harbour, usually on a weekend. Learn the basics of sail handling, wind angles and steering. No prior sailing experience is required. You will learn on our 35 ft Bavaria cruising yacht.

On completion you will have the confidence to step onto another yacht and know what all the parts are for, understand wind angles and what to do when. You may also charter one of our yachts, without a skipper.

Bare Boat Yachts Sydney

Docking, Berthing and MOB ICC

Docking or berthing a boat, whether in a pen, alongside a floating pontoon can be  stressful for both skippers and crew.

Docking techniques are relatively easy to learn, once learnt practice makes perfect, this course sets you up with useful techniques to bring a yacht into any berthing situation without stress.

Most importantly we ensure safety of the yacht and crew are paramount.


International Bareboat / ICC Certificates

This course is designed for those wanting to charter a yacht – the 2 day component is usually sufficient for Australian Charters, the 5 day Component is required for those wishing to obtain the ICC for European countries or the IYT Bareboat Certificate for USA and Canadian waters. The ICC is fast becoming the most useful certificate for charter companies around the world. This is an intensive entry level course designed to give you an alround knowledge of sailing, mooring, anchoring, navigation and other key skills.


Night Sailing ICC

Being on the water at night can be confusing and stressful – it does not need to be. Our simple course takes you through the basics, the relevant Collregs (maritime law), how to read lights and what they mean. We highly recommend you take this course in combination to our Navigation Course.


Navigation for ICC

Navigation is one of the more difficult subjects in learn to Sail – we break it down into the parts you need for a Bareboat Charter or simple recreational needs.

Two 3 hour sessions conducted late afternoons and evenings with about 2 – 3 hours of home study in between the sessions.


Competent Crew

Our Competent Crew program involves two days of sailing lessons on Sydney Harbour learning the basics of sail handling and steering. No prior sailing experience is required. You will learn on our 35 ft Bavaria cruiser – racer, and at the end you will have the confidence to step onto another yacht and know what all the parts are for!