Docking, Berthing and MOB ICC

By combining the Prepare to Charter Mono or Prepare to Charter Catamaran with Night Sailing, Navigation and Docking you will eligible for the IYT International Bareboat Skipper certificate. Completion of this certificate automatically qualifies you for the ICC. No further exam required.

Learn to dock and berth a Yacht or Catamaran

Docking or berthing a yacht, whether in a marina pen, alongside a floating pontoon can be a very stressful prospect for many sailors.

Docking is relatively easy to learn, once learnt practice makes perfect, this course will set you up with the correct techniques to bring a yacht into any berthing / alongside situation without stress. Most importantly we ensure safety of the yacht and crew are paramount.

Liquid Edge Sailing School offers six hour sessions to teach docking skills, coming alongside, med-mooring and picking up moorings and line handling. The course is hands-on covering different types of docking situations, we also cover basic MOB strategy in this session.

Course is usually conducted in the morning from our Balmain Marina where we have 3 dock styles available. Stern in between piles, floating pontoon and a nearby ferry wharf. We also have nearby mooring bouys to practice heavy weather pick up without a boat hook. Emphasis is on short handed or single handed techniques, all controlled from the boat.

Learn to dock a yacht with us!

Skills covered include:

  • Reading the wind and currents
  • Benefits of bow in or stern in
  • Setting docking lines
  • Spring off in tight situations
  • Boat handling in close proximity to other yachts
  • Fender placement
  • Docking practice
  • Picking up moorings in heavy weather

Man Overboard

Man Overboard events are rare, but do occur. It is vital the skipper has some basic techniques and strategy to recover the person efficiently and safely. It is important not to make a bad situation worse.

We cover some basic techniques to address the issue, the manoeuvring required relates to the techniques we use when docking, so both sets of skills are taught on the same day.

Times to suit, please call. Detailed course notes provided on payment, allow an hour in your own time to study these prior to commencement.

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