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The International Bare Boat Course is a group of courses designed to provide the experience you will need to charter a yacht in Europe, where the ICC qualification is required. This course automatically qualifies you for the ICC.

The course is a package of 5 modules, Introduction to Sail, Navigation, Night Sailing, Docking and Mooring and basic weather.

Fast track dates include all course modules and final exam in a 5 day intensive session. Other dates allow you to pick and choose what courses you do and when. Starting course is the 2 day Introduction to Sail module.

International Bareboat Skipper - ICC Cerificate

The International Bareboat Skipper Course incorporates both Theory and Practical elements, the theory is via comprehensive notes to be studied at home. The practical courses run over 4 or 5 days*, commencing with an intensive two day session. Once the practical course starts, the theory you have studied is worked on during the sessions and explained in real life situations.

The Liquid Edge Sailing School training is unique in their approach and teaching methods.

This comprehensive course automatically qualifies you for the ICC and / or the International Bareboat Certificate. It is for those who wish to safely charter a small to medium yacht for their family holiday. There is a small written exam at the end of the course which must be passed.

Our instructors have sailed in most of the popular destinations around the world, such as Tahiti, Croatia, Whitsundays to name a few. They have also completed numerous coastal trips up and down the Australian Coast in both a professional capacity and recreational. As well they have completed Ocean Passages in the Pacific and other locations.

Two Day Introductory Course – Stay Overnight

Learn the basics, all the elements you will need for the ICC and more. Conducted on either a Mono Hull or Catamaran. This session gets your sailing experience underway with intensive learning and practical experience, stay on board overnight to get the feel for live aboard, and do the real life checks others only include as theory.

Details and dates here for Catamaran
Details and dates here for Mono Hull

Navigation – One Day

A quick guide to using charts, reading charts and understanding what everything means. Essential for being on the water and staying safe. You would not go driving into a strange place without a map, it is the same on the water. Understand the symbols and key elements including underwater obstructions, the sea bed and other factors not visible from the surface. Understand how to plot a course, especially between islands, sand bars and reefs.

Details here

Docking and Mooring

This session is vital to those intending to use marinas – in many locations you have no option as the local depth exclude you from anchoring.

Details here

Night Time Sailing and Navigation

Even if you are not intending to sail or motor at night, you should understand how to do this safely. In the event of an emergency or possibly just running late to a destination you may find yourself out after nightfall. This course helps you understand the issues and methods of identifying the lights and systems in use in the marine environment.

Details here

* We like to run the Navigation and Night Time course components over one long day as they are related. The sessions are broken up into 3 x 4 hours, finishing around 10pm, a little later during daylight saving.

Book the entire ICC course (5 modules) and save $115.00

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John has been sailing for years but wanted to charter a yacht in Europe..

“Even though I have been sailing on and off for many years I wanted to get the ICC and so took on the entire course. Some of the things I thought I knew well were taught from a more professional angle and I improved my skill level generally. The team at Liquid Edge took us all from the ground up, as soon as we took concepts on board we were onto the next tasks – a great learning experience! We had two instructors, David and Ron, both were thorough in their approach and left us all feeling confident taking on a charter overseas. Highly recommended.” 

Meaghan (and Neil) recently trained with us (2016) and charted a yacht in Thailand.

“We certainly got an enormous amount out of the ICC course and it really helped us to have a relaxing and enjoyable time when chartering. I was in charge of anchoring and I used all of your tips and we never dragged anchor once, not even in strong currents and winds. We managed to dock and manoeuvre the boat without incident and get ourselves around the beautiful bay to many different places.”